Play America’s Favorite Game: No Helmet Required

Eugene Goodreault, Staff Writer

When the NFL season begins, not only is it time to watch great football, but an opportunity to compete with friends and express the true fan inside you. It’s an opportunity to unleash inner-competitiveness, and rub victories in your opponents face. It’s an opportunity to achieve the ultimate adrenaline rush of victory. This competition is known as Fantasy Football, the world wide virtual contest.

Fantasy Football is an interactive virtual game in which people control professional football players and act as managers of a fake football team. The players are based on those in the National Football League and participants earn points depending on players’ stats. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Throughout the season, fantasy football managers can draft, trade, add, drop players, and change team rosters.

Many Miramonte males participate in this game. It is a friendly contest, yet there is a lot at stake. Bragging rights, pride and sometimes money are on the line every single Sunday. Intense as it is, Fantasy Football makes the real game more enjoyable to watch and adds a personal attachment to it.

“I play Fantasy Football because it makes for a little friendly competition with my friends. I get a lot of enjoyment out of beating my companions and then bragging about it in front of them,” Alex Gutierrez ‘14 said.

Logan Boersma 14’ is a fantasy guru. He has been an expert of the game since he was a young lad.

“Fantasy Football is a game of skill and luck. Only certain people can truly master the craft like myself,” Boersma said. “I’ve had my fair share of sweat and tears because of this grueling game, but it’s all worth it in the end when I taste victory, and believe me, I always win.”

While the game is a passion for some like Boersma, others play just to have fun and expand their NFL experience.

“I play because it’s fun to pick and run a team of NFL players. Plus it’s fun to compete friendly with your friends. Now when I watch games, I watch them almost purely to see individual accomplishments rather than team victories, ” said Bennett Stehr ‘14.

There is nothing more satisfying to a fantasy manager then grabbing a steal of a player or picking the best prospect in the draft. It is like winning the lottery; total luck yet there is strategy in the draw.

“It’s like Christmas when an unknown player on your team goes off and scores big for your team,” said Will Fuller ‘14. “I get this sense of accomplishment and I go crazy when it happens. There’s no better feeling.”