MLB World Series Ends with Victory for SF Giants


The San Francisco Giants leap and scream with excitement on the field together after winning the final game of the playoffs.

Colin Bean and Jack Kovalik, Staff Writers

On Sunday, Oct. 28, the San Francisco Giants triumphed over the Detroit Tigers 4-3 to secure their second World Series title in the last three years.  The World Series Most Valuable Player, Pablo Sandoval, went 4-4, with three homeruns in the first game of the series.

Many critics of the Giants said before the series that Detroit would be the series winner, but the Giants proved all the critics wrong with their performance, a four-game sweep of the opponent. The Tigers’ run total during the whole series was a dismal six runs, one of the lowest run totals for a World Series in history.

In the National League Division Series, the Giants fell behind two games to none, only to come roaring back, winning three games in a row, securing a spot in the League Championship Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

The League Championship Series pitted San Francisco against the St. Louis Cardinals. Once again, the Giants fell into an early hole, behind the Cardinals three games to none. And once again, the Giants clawed back, winning four games in a row to win the National League Pennant.

“The atmosphere at the game was spectacular, especially since I sat in the bleachers,where everyone was going crazy. The fans definitely played a major part in the Giants two home wins,” sophomore Connor Jackson said.

Sophomore, Ray Barrie-Kivel, attended game 1 of the world series in San Francisco. “After the win, the environment was electric, and everyone was very confident about the rest of the series,” Barrie-Kivel said.

A crucial part of the Giants playoff run was second baseman Marco Scutaro, a new acquisition from the Colorado Rockies at the trade deadline in July. Scutaro batted .500 with a record 14 hits during the League Championship Series and was awarded Most Valuable Player for the series.

There has been much talk surrounding disgraced Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera. During the All-Star Game, Cabrera was awarded the game MVP, and the National League All-Stars took home the victory. With the win, the National League representative in the World Series, which happened to be the Giants, got home-field advantage. Cabrera made the road to the World Series title easier with his contributions during the All-Star game, but the Giants decided not to add him to their roster.

The Giants have now won two World Series in three years. However, before the 2010 World Series victory, the Giants had not been champions for 56 years. This recent success is partially due to catcher Buster Posey. In his first three seasons in the MLB, only two of which have been injury free, he has won two championships and a Rookie of the Year award.

Following the World Series, a parade was held in San Francisco on October 31, to celebrate the Giants’ victory. Sophomore, Peter Martin said, “The parade was very crowded, and everyone was very ecstatic,” said sophomore Peter Martin.