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Tebow stretches for his intense game on the bench.

Georgia Briskey and Hannah Friel, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

Should Tim Tebow be getting playing time on the New York Jets? 

Georgia: Tim Tebow should be put in the game without a doubt. Why is Jets head coach, Rex Ryan still playing Mark Sanchez when the answer to all his problems is right next to him on the bench?

The Jets are close to the bottom in one of the weakest divisions of the NFL, the AFC East.  They currently possess a 3-5 record,  and just recently lost to the less-than-great Miami Dolphins. To be honest, the Jets are rapidly becoming a terrible team.

There’s only one way to prevent this team from crashing and burning: replace Sanchez with the cute, talented and heaven-sent quarterback, Tim Tebow.

I know some complain about Tebow’s throwing mechanics, but consider this: Who led his college team to a national championship? Who led the lowly Denver Broncos to a victory in the playoffs? I’m not sure how bad his throwing techniques are with those successes. Bottom line, Tebow’s talent is being wasted by having him sit on the Jets’ bench game after game.

What have the Jets got to lose? Continuing to play Sanchez will result with more losses for the Jets. The Jets coaching staff should take a chance with Tebow so they can actually win a game.

Hannah: I don’t think Tim Tebow should be playing, mainly because of his average passes and lack of speed. Running quarterbacks are only good if they are fast, like Michael Vick or Robert Griffin, and Tebow doesn’t have the same speed.

It’s smart for the Jets to try Tebow at other positions such as fullback, but at this point Mark Sanchez is a better bet as a quarterback to secure some wins for the Jets. Tebow can’t throw the ball and he can’t run people over in the pros like he used to in college.

Although Tebow does bring hard work ethic and leadership to the team, the Jets need a quarterback who can consistently lead their team to victories.

What NBA teams from the East/West Conferences will make it to the playoffs?

Georgia: The two teams heading for the finals are the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I’ll start by saying the Bulls are in for a good season mainly because of the return of Derrick Rose.

After a long recovery from his torn ACL, Rose returns as the explosive point guard with impeccable skill that will be essential to the Bulls’ success. He will be a vital contributor to the Bulls going to the finals, and a great addition to the Bulls’ strong defense.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is another good team that will head to the NBA finals. With star player Kevin Durant, the Thunder will be a tough team to beat.

Although the Lakers now have Dwight Howard, the Thunder will be building off a new team now that Kevin Martin is on the team. His skilled footwork combined with consistent shooting will make the Thunder even more of a threat offensively. The other teams won’t know what hit them, and the Thunder will proceed to the finals.

Hannah: The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat will face off in the NBA finals this season. Along with current starters Kobe Bryant, a top three player in the NBA today, Pau Gasol, a consistent all-star, and Ron Artest, the most notable defender in the league, the Lakers added superstars Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to the starting line-up. Nash brings poise and leadership to the point guard position, which the Lakers desperately need. He will be relied upon to facilitate the offense and control the tempo of the game.

However, Dwight Howard was the biggest steal in the off-season for the Lakers. Howard is a rare talent as he is almost 7’0” with explosive athleticism and a polished skill-set. He is considered the best big-man in the league today. With these two additions, the Lakers are definitely a favorite in the Western Conference.

The defending champion, the Miami Heat, will surely be a contender for another NBA finals. Lebron James has made his mark as the best player in the world and will stop at nothing to repeat. With superstars, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, the Heat are a threat to be reckoned with.

How attractive is Buster Posey?

Hanngia Frielskey: Let’s really break down what’s being asked here. Buster, also known as Gerald Dempsey Posey III, has not only won every Bay Area baseball fanatic’s heart with his exceptional baseball skills, but he has won every female’s heart with his appearance as well. Standing at six feet tall, with pretty blue-grey eyes and a beaming smile, what’s not to love? Not only is he physically appealing, but the fact that he married his high school sweetheart and has twin children make him the most perfect male athlete out there.