Universities Recruit Matador Athletes

Karmi Chan and Kenyon Watson, News Editor, Staff Writer

Every year Miramonte seniors are recruited to top colleges because of their athletic abilities, and a number of Miramonte students have already been offered positions on collegiate teams. The recruiting process allows athletes to know where they’re going to school months in advance of regular admission.

The recruiting process is long and grueling, and many athletes have been working towards college recruitment since their sophomore year. Somehow, they manage to juggle intense sports and a rigorous academic load. Although some students think being accepted to college takes off a lot of academic pressure, committed students must maintain a certain grade point average and can’t completely slack off.

The general recruitment process involves several steps. First, students must excel in a certain sport. Around sophomore year, these students generally fill out NCAA recruitment forms. Soon after, coaches and students can contact one another by email. Coaches then invite students to make official college visits.

The coach is then able to offer the athlete a spot on the team. Usually near the beginning of senior year, students will verbally commit to a school, followed by submission of an application and signing the National Letter of Intent. The National Letter of Intent is a document that finalizes the student athlete’s commitment to participating in a NCAA sport.

This year, many Miramonte athletes have been offered spots at top universities. Mainly water polo players, football players, rowers, swimmers and cross-country runners have received spots at a variety of schools. Although they have been offered spots, most of these students have not committed to a school yet. One such student is football player Marshall Deutz ‘13, who has been contacted by Cornell and UC Davis.

“I’ve been talking to the coaches and getting to know them. I’m trying to construct a good relationship so we can further the recruiting process,” Deutz said.

Another student who has not yet committed is Laurie Simon ‘13, a water polo player who has been in contact with coaches from Harvard, Princeton and Brown.

“I would love any of those schools but I also want to talk to some UC’s,” Simon said.

Stanford, Brown, Princeton, UCLA and USC have contacted Drew Holland ‘13, the water polo team’s star goalie.

“I’m not exactly sure where I will end up, but any of those would be great,” Holland said.

However, some have committed to a college, including Charlie Wiser ‘13, who recently chose to attend Stanford over UC Berkeley. “I committed on Oct. 18 for swimming and water polo. I recently took a trip there and it’s beautiful and everyone is super supportive of student athletes,” Wiser said. “I verbally committed but I will be signing the National Letter of Intent in the beginning of November.”

Star water polo player Jack Fellner ‘13 recently committed to UCLA. “I fell in love with the university and the upbeat environment,” Fellner said. “The coach was very welcoming and UCLA has one of the best water polo teams in California.”

Laura Rosas ‘13 will be heading to North Carolina this fall to row for Duke. Rowers Ellen and Lizzie Pate ‘13 will both be heading east next school year. Ellen will attend the University of Virginia and her sister Lizzie has committed to Harvard.

With these seniors already into the schools of their dreams, they have less to worry about during their senior year. After years of dedication to a sport, a select number of seniors are going to continue their sport at the collegiate level. “It’s really nice to be finished and not have the stress of applying to college during senior year,” Ellen Pate said. “It’s one less thing to think about.”