Snow Bunnies and Skiers: Coexisting

Snow bunnies and skiers can have just as much fun this winter. Just ask junior skier Sofia Marinac and junior snow bunny Molly Swain.

Snow bunnies and skiers can have just as much fun this winter. Just ask junior skier Sofia Marinac and junior snow bunny Molly Swain.

Sofia Marinac, Molly Swain, Staff Writers

Now that winter is here, Miramonte students are heading up to Tahoe for the snow. Skiing and snowboarding used to be seen as a manly activity, but now girls are participating in the fun. However, some girls, “snow bunnies,” would rather hang out in the lodge, play in the snow, or sit by the fire with friends than shredding down the mountain.

According to Urban Dictionary, a snow bunny is “a girl that goes to the mountains to wear cute ski/snowboard clothes, to drink hot chocolate, and hit on the hot ski lift boys. Usually not very good at skiing/snowboarding.” And here at Mirador, we’d have to agree. When hitting the slopes, some girls find it hard to balance the fun of wearing fluffy pink hats and carving down the mountain.

Sierra Ryder ‘14 and Lily Longton ‘15 have been skiing their whole lives.

“A snow bunny is someone who comes to the mountains only a few times in their life,” Ryder said. “They stick out like a sore thumb because they think they look really good decked out in the fufu pink, furry outfits, when really they are wearing the dorkiest outfits possible.”

Longton believes that a snow bunny is “someone who just goes up to dress like they ski but they really don’t and just try to party and talk to cute guys who ski or snowboard.”

Don’t worry if you weren’t blessed with the awesome snow sports gene; being a snow bunny is the perfect alternative, even for guys! There’s plenty of ways to have fun in the snow without putting in a good workout. Sledding, snowball fights and making snowmen are other ways to spend your time in the mountains.

Paige Powell ‘14 considers herself a snow bunny. Her favorite part of the snow is playing, building snowmen and other similar activities.

To Powell, a snow bunny is somebody who dresses really fun and cute to go to the slopes, although she may not be the best skier or snowboarder.

“I like to ski with friends,” Powell said. “But I go up with my dad and he is an extremely dedicated skier, which, I, admittedly, am not. So if he’s skiing, I’m running around the snow.”

Powell does not see snow bunnies as a derogatory term. “Although I see myself as a snow bunny, you’re more likely to see me in my brothers’ hand-me-down snowboard pants and ripped gloves, so I wouldn’t be under the cute outfit snow bunny category,” Powell said.

“I can’t say that being a snow bunny is good or bad,” Longton said. “But if people are coming up to ski then it’s a good thing.”