Two Way Street


Erin Andrews, looking dapper as ever, spends her time on the Red Carpet, rather than focusing on actual sports coverage.

What do you want for Christmas?

Georgia: For Christmas this season, I would love for the NHL lockout to end. It is officially winter and with no ice hockey, what other cold sport are we supposed to watch? Nothing makes me happier than watching the Boston Bruins literally smash the Vancouver Canucks into walls.

Zdeno Chara is the most impressive player in the NHL whacking in 12 pucks in the goal last season and 14 the season before that. It would warm my heart to see him and the rest of the NHL players get some time on the ice.

Hannah: After an undesirable record of 3-9 this past season, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford was fired in November. It was announced last month that former Louisiana Tech head coach Sonny Dykes has agreed to fill the position.

What I’m asking for Christmas is that Dykes will be able to lead the team more effectively, not only athletically but also academically. When Tedford was coaching, only 48 percent of football players who entered Cal between 2002-2005 graduated; the rate was the lowest in the PAC-12 during that time.

My hope is that Dykes will not only recruit players with solid academics, but will also focus on the idea of working hard on the field and in the classroom. Furthermore, I hope that Dykes will assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses properly in order to achieve a better record for the 2013 season.

Who will win the BCS Championship, Notre Dame or Alabama?

Georgia: The Fighting Irish will fight ‘till the very end! No question Notre Dame will win the BCS Championship against Alabama. With coach Brian Kelly’s non-stop hunger for winning, Notre Dame’s defense and offense bring their game to the table. Manti Te’o serves as the best defender with 105 tackles this season and Everett Golson leads the passing attack each game. This team can’t lose and I know they won’t lose the BCS Championship.

Hannah: I am fully confident that Alabama will win the BCS Championship over Notre Dame.  Notre Dame hasn’t faced a team like Alabama yet, so they won’t be able to match up as effectively as they normally do. First off, the Crimson Tide’s defense is incredible considering they lost some key players last season. Not only do they have the well developed QB AJ McCarron, but also running backs Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon, who have both rushed over 1000 yards this season.

The Crimson Tide needs to control Louis Nix and Stephon Tuitt of Notre Dame. Alabama will be able to stop these players, because their combination of size and speed is something that the Fighting Irish haven’t seen yet.

Thoughts on women being sports reporters?

Hanngia Frielskey: Women are breaking all the social norms nowadays and in sports it is becoming more and more apparent. Tuning in to different sports programs and seeing women hardcore debate the men dressed in fancy suits brings tears of joy to our eyes. However, there are a few exceptions. These are the women who are used mostly because of their good looks to boost TV ratings.

For example, Erin Andrews. Standing in the middle of a vast stage dressed in skinny jeans and high heels, it is clear the show is not about sports.

Meanwhile, her Sports Program co-hosts, Lover Boy one and two, gawk at her after hearing the simple word of  “freethrow” or “fumble.” We’re all for knowledgeable women sports reporters, but not for women just used as eye candy.