Women’s Varsity Soccer Defeats Alhambra 5-2


Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

The women’s soccer team won an intense game against Alhambra 5-2, Wednesday night. The first half started slow with a 1-1 tie, but we picked it up scoring 4 goals in the second half. Junior Megan Reid scored 3 goals after arriving 30 minutes late from a victorious basketball game. Junior Sarah Mills and Senior Sophie Fuller each scored as well.

“They scored the first goal and we came back 30 seconds after kick off and scored. Our coach gave a motivating speech and we dominated the game the second half putting away our chances and finishing the game strong,” said Junior Maya Sherne.

The Varsity girls have a team meeting before starting the game against Alambr

“It was a very slow game at first but when Megan Reid got onto the field the whole game changed,” said Junior Kayla Sigaroudi.

Come out and support your Lady Mats Friday night at Miramonte against Dublin, 6:15.