College Football Goes to Playoff System

Two Georgia defenders take down the quarterback.

Two Georgia defenders take down the quarterback.

Drew Anderson, Staff Writer

Unfortunately the college football season has come to an end, and although the National Championship has been played, it still doesn’t seem like the best team has been decided because of the BCS system.

The BCS rankings are a compilation of different polls and computer rankings combined to create one final ranking, which always causes disagreement. Every year there seems to be three, four, or even five teams that could all compete for a national championship. However, we leave the championship teams to be decided by a computer in a two-team championship, not giving the others a chance.

Every year college football fans are disappointed because only two teams get a shot at the championship and every year good teams get snubbed for a shot at the title game. Fortunately, fans will only have to suffer for one more year before college football switches to a four-team playoff format.

This season, for example, Notre Dame played in the National Championship game, and while they are a good team, ended up losing by 28. It never even appeared like it was going to be a close game after the first quarter when Alabama was up 14-0, and the most entertaining part of the game seemed to be AJ McCarron’s girlfriend in the stands. It makes you wonder what could have been if teams like Oregon, Georgia or Texas A&M had been there instead.

Georgia had already played Alabama in the SEC championship, and lost by four, and if it weren’t for some bad time management, it would have been them facing Notre Dame in the national title.

Oregon would have been in as well if it weren’t for a three-point overtime loss to Stanford, a game which Oregon seemed to be in control of until some costly mistakes late in the game, which are to be expected of a redshirt freshman quarterback.

Texas A&M also had a great year, and beat Alabama, the national champions, in Tuscaloosa. The Aggies, however, ended up losing two games on the year to tough SEC opponents in LSU and Florida.

While Notre Dame went undefeated, and deserved a championship shot as well, they played a much easier schedule than Texas A&M or Georgia, and with the playoff system, Notre Dame would have had to get through tough teams like that to get into the national championship.

An eight-team format would be ideal but for now we must just celebrate the step forward we are taking with the four-team playoff. The main problem with an eight-team playoff is that each week is such a grind for players and adding another week to the season just makes it that much harder on the players.

With the new four-team playoff that will start in 2014, there will certainly be dispute over the number four spot, but it will at least give more than two teams a chance. Hopefully the new four-team format will just be the start. Ideally one day it could become an eight-team playoff, which would be extremely exciting.