Golden State Warriors Take Their Fans For a Spin


Matt Metheny, Staff Writer

Golden State Warrior fans have a lot to be excited about this season. So far this season the Warriors appear to be on their way to a post-season, which would be the first time since 2007.

The Warriors have surprised the NBA this year as they were supposed to have a mediocre season. They are in second place in the Pacific Division and are in fifth place in the Western Conference. They are also going to head into the All Star Break with a better record than the Lakers, which rarely happens.

They have had many key victories so far this season, including wins against the Clippers, Heat, Thunder and Nuggets. All of these teams are at the top of their division. The Warriors are also selling out more games than usual this season.

“I have not been this excited for the warriors in years, they are winning a lot of games and I hope they continue too,” Mac Watson, ’14 said

The Warriors top performers this year are David Lee and Stephen Curry in addition to Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry who were acquired over the offseason. David Lee also made the All Star team and Stephan Curry did not, which many people found questionable.

“Many players on the warriors have surprised me this season, I didn’t except players to be playing this well, hopefully they keep it up,” Steven Shepard ’14 said.

One of the most exciting games this season so far was against the Heat. After a hard fought game in Miami, Rookie Draymond Green made a clutch game winning layup in the final seconds to beat the Heat 97-95. Rookie Clay Thompson led the warriors with a season high 27 points. Many fans believe this game was the turning point in the Warriors season.

“This game was the most exciting game I have watched all season, I really think this game gave the Warriors their confidence and sparked their season. Beating a team like the Heat gives a young team a lot of confidence,” Will Fuller ’14 said.

Another big win for the Warriors this season came at home against the L.A.  Clippers. The Warriors beat the Clippers 115-94 and dominated the whole game. David Lee and Stephan curry led the Warriors with a combined 55 points. This game was important because the Clippers are ahead of the Warriors in the Western Conference.

Some important games for the warriors upcoming this season include rematches against Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers.