Lights Go Out On 49ers Super Bowl Aspirations


Colin Bean, Staff Writer

On Feb. 3 in New Orleans the Baltimore Ravens squeaked out a narrow 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the 47th Super Bowl. What seemed to be a blowout in the first half turned into an interesting game after a mysterious power outage. Two headlines got a lot of attention this postseason: Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is retiring and John Harbaugh coached against his brother Jim, in what is being called the “Harbowl.” Lewis was in the limelight this postseason after announcing that this would be his last season. Lewis, a 13 time pro-bowler and Baltimore Raven for 16 seasons, rallied his team to the Super Bowl with his overzealous attitude. Lewis backed up his talk by leading the NFL with 51 tackles in the Postseason, including seven tackles in the Super Bowl. This season the Harbaugh brothers brought sibling rivalry to a whole other level when they faced off in the Super Bowl. For Ravens coach, John Harbaugh, this was a bittersweet victory. After the game, John said about his younger brother, “I look up to him in so many ways and I am hurting for him in that sense.” After the Super Bowl San Francisco fans were crushed, including Miramonte’s die-hard 49ers fan, sophomore Ray Barrie-Kivel. Barrie-Kivel said, “I was so disappointed, I felt like Ray Lewis had tackled my soul.” However some Miramonte students didn’t feel the same way. Oakland Raiders fan, junior Brandon Armosino said, “I was happy that the bandwagon 49ers fans went home disappointed.” The Ravens came out strong in the first half, ahead 21-6 going into the third quarter. The first half was dominated by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who threw for 287 yards and three touchdowns in the game. The second half started off with a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones, which put the 49ers in an even deeper hole. However, San Francisco’s luck suddenly changed when a power outage left half of the Superdome in darkness for 34 minutes for unknown reasons. This power outage brought the 49ers back to life and triggered a 17-0 run in just over four minutes. The game came down to one last drive for the 49ers with 4:19 remaining and San Francisco losing by five. 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick led the team all the way to the five yard line, but couldn’t punch it in on fourth down. Kaepernick took a shot at the end zone that fell incomplete. Many, including niners coach Jim Harbaugh, thought that there should have been a defensive holding call against Baltimore, which could have dramatically changed the game. The Ravens secured their win by running out the clock on a fake punt.