Miramonte Students Try Lamorinda Rugby

Miramonte Students Try Lamorinda Rugby

Miramonte alum Cameron Drake ’12 dodges past a player and carries the ball quickly down the field.

Hannah Friel, Staff Writer

Do you have what it takes to be tackled by half a dozen huge men wearing no pads? If so, rugby is the sport for you.

Recently, the Lamorinda Rugby Football Club has become increasingly popular for boys in the Lamorinda area. Around 25 players are from Miramonte, and even more have been debating whether to try this popular sport.

Lamorinda Rugby was founded in 1981, and quickly became a popular out-of school activity for football and soccer players. Although it can be a difficult sport to learn, once one understands the rules, it can be a lot of fun, and no previous knowledge of rugby is required to try out.
“There are no cuts, so everyone is welcome to try out,”  Varsity Captain Jamie Howells ’13 said, “Everyone has an effective role on the team and anyone can be a leader.”
This club has gained a lot of attention recently, and every year more players try out.
“It’s only two practices a week and unlike football, everyone has a chance to carry the ball. It’s a really fun sport and we do really well, so more people are wanting to play,” Rory Howells ’15 said.
In recent years, the varsity team has done very well in their division, and in the 2012 season the varsity team won their first official state title. The team is looking to continue their success into this season.
There are always new additions to the team, and this year there are five sophomores that are starters.

“The younger players are especially important this year, especially so they can carry the team in later years,” Howells ’13 said.

Additionally, there are juniors and seniors that are playing for the first time this year.
“A lot of my friends encouraged me to try rugby this year and so far it’s been a great experience,” Matt Solit ’13 said. “I’m really glad I tried it, and I’ve had a lot of fun with my teammates.”
Rugby has also been a great assistance for getting into colleges and universities. In past years, Miramonte alums have gotten into Cal, UCLA, Saint Mary’s and other schools to play rugby.

There are a lot of traveling opportunities as well. Although rugby is the national sport of South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, last year the team had the chance to compete in Argentina. This year the team will travel Canada over spring break.

The team has games every Saturday from January through late April. They mainly play other teams from the Bay Area and Sacramento.