Mats Swimming 2013 Kicks Off Their Season

Natalie Vigo, Staff Writer

Mats swimming 2013 is psyched to see what this season has in store for them. This past month, swimmers have been working hard in preparation for tomorrow’s time trials. To kick off the season, the team will be racing each other in up to three events to give themselves and coaches an idea of where they stand.

2013 varsity captains are Charlie Wiser ‘13, Annie Larsen ’14, Molly Larsen ‘13, Erin Schoenfeld ‘14, Albert Miao ‘13, Jason Lammert ‘13 and Megan Howard ’13 who have all been dedicated Mats swimmers since their freshman year.

“We’re working hard and we expect big things for this upcoming season,” Wiser said. “We’re going to surprise people.”

The varsity coaches this year are head coach Donnie Heidary and Miramonte alumni Trevor Rose and Jon Behnke.  Although they lost a lot of prestigious swimmers  from last year, the coaches have been analyzing the JV team and pulling up those who would make a good addition. New varsity members include Nick Coufal ‘14, Trevor Whitsitt ‘14 and Darwin Chang ‘14.

Swimmers are putting in all their effort this year to build up for NCS. Morning practices are held every Monday and Wednesday to get in a solid double workout. This season’s high scorers are expected to be Gabe Ostler ‘14, Miao and Lammert.