Baseball Sets Bar High

Drew Anderson, Staff Writer

The Miramonte baseball team’s season has been up and down so far, but players and coaches agree that there is reason for optimism.

The team has posted a record of 3-2-1, and while it’s not the record they were looking for in their first six games, the coaches have seen some things that they are happy with.

“We haven’t been giving up very many runs so far, so the pitching has looked pretty good,” Head coach Vince Dell’Aquila said.

Though the team doesn’t feel that they have been consistent enough so far, the team hopes that consistency is a skill they can acquire.

“It’s been up and down because we have pitched very well and played good defense, but our hitting still isn’t where it should be, so we end up getting in a lot of low scoring games. But things should be coming along as long we keep playing good defense, because hitting will come. I believe we have the guys to do it,” Andrew Rosenzweig ‘14 said.

This year’s team is very young, and has had good production so far from many juniors, and even a freshman.

“We are a very young team with lots of potential. To this point it may have hurt us a little to be so young, but down the road I think having so many young players in the lineup will pay off,” Brandon Armosino ‘14 said.

The coaches try to keep a relaxed environment, but the players do feel some pressure to perform.

“Our goal is an NCS title. With the history of this program you really can’t aim for anything less,” catcher Bennett Stehr ‘14 said.

Analy is the next game on the schedule for the Mats, but Dell’Aquila argues that no one game is more important than any other.

“All of our games are big, there is no one game we’ve circled or targeted,” Dell’Aquila said.