Men’s Volleyball Players Jump into Action


With a new coach and talented team members, the Mats men’s volleyball team is prepared to make a triumphant comeback.

Sofia Marinac, Molly Swain, Staff Writer

After years without a team, men’s volleyball has finally returned to Miramonte. This year Daniella Inzerillo, a young coach that went to Campolindo and now attends DVC, has stepped up to lead the team.
According to Associate Principal Jan Carlson, students that wanted to play men’s volleyball in years prior did not want to put in the time for practice.
“The students didn’t want to put in the extra time because they were playing other sports,” Carlson said, “In order to find a coach who was willing to take the job, we had to make sure that students were willing to put in the extra time. The boys are now practicing like crazy and are really excited about the team.”
Derek Lin ‘13 is a part of the men’s volleyball team this year and is happy to be participating. Rumors about why there hasn’t been a men’s volleyball team in years past have circled among students.
“Apparently they had a men’s volleyball team some time ago at this school but people took it as a huge joke and abused the opportunity to have a team,” Lin said. “I know in past years, there were many people who were trying to start a men’s volleyball team but failed to do so, but now it is finally happening and I’m excited to be part of it.”
Elliot Alper ‘14 is on the team and believes that although they haven’t had a chance to show their stuff, their games will go well.
“I couldn’t play football or lacrosse, so I wanted a fun non-contact sport. I decided to try out for volleyball and it turned out to be a ton of fun, “ Alper said. “As for our hopes for the season, we hope to go all the way.”
According to Lin, everyone brings leadership and encourages each other. The captains are Matt Ent ‘13, Dylan Hadlow ‘13 and Alper.
Now that Miramonte has a men’s volleyball team, the Mats can compete and hopefully beat the other schools in the district.
“I think that the games will be more intense and fun to watch than the women’s volleyball team once we get better because we can hit harder,” Alper said.
Their team of 12 usually practices from 3:30-5:30 and the first game is on March 27. Make sure to come out and support the Matadors.