Women’s Lacrosse Loses to Las Lomas Knights

Georgia Briskey, Sports Editor

With losing their only game last week, the women’s lacrosse team is practicing hard to get ready for their next game.

The Lady Mats lost to the Las Lomas Lady Knights 9-11. It was a promising game until the end of the half, when Lauren Dougherty ’13 was given a red card and couldn’t play the rest of the game.

“It was an unfair call by the ref,” Rachel Noble ‘13 said. “Lauren accidentally hit another player while she was shooting, but it was just called against her because everyone was making a big deal about it.”

With Dougherty out of the game, the team lost their focus and lost the lead they held until then. The team didn’t end up scoring at all the last quarter of the game, but a few players had a terrific game. Mica Zimmerman ‘14 had an interception, while Noble carried the ball down the field for the first time.

They will be playing against Livermore on March 26 and hope to pull out a win this time.