Two Way Street

Georgia Briskey and Hannah Friel, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

What sport have you always wanted to try?

Georgia: Sumo wrestling anyone? I’m not talking about WWF Wrestling, where you whip out chairs or bodyslam your opponent. No, I’m talking about sumo wrestling, the Japanese originated sport that requires nothing but a large body mass and a mawashi (that diaper-esque belt). The way to win is by either forcing your opponent out of the ring or forcing them to touch the floor. I’ve only participated in noncontact sports all my life, so I’ve always wanted to venture out and exert my aggressive energy through pushing and shoving. So what if I’m not an absurdly large man like the majority of sumo wrestlers? I can still push my opponents out of the ring like a strong woman! Any ladies are welcome to join me. We can show those boys who rule the dojo.

Hannah: After watching the 2012 Olympics this year, I discovered what could possibly be the coolest sport in the world: whitewater slalom kayaking. I’ve been river rafting a couple times and I’ve always had a fun experience, but seeing that I’m a pretty competitive person, I never got an extreme thrill out of it. However, imagine speeding down a 300 meter course, racing against a clock and trying to avoid rocks and keep your kayak upright! Not only is it a great workout, but it’s very intense and requires a lot of skill and precision to make the perfect turns around obstacles. Furthermore, competitors have to stay afloat while sailing down waterfalls! Although underrated, this sport is surely the best sport I’ve heard of.


What team is going to have a better season this year, the A’s or the Giants?

Georgia: Since the World Series last year, this question has been the talk of the town. I’m sure there are many die-hard Giants fans who believe they can do it again this year. I, however, think this year a different Bay Area team can win the World Series. The A’s have gotten off to a great start, with their nine-game win streak. Jed Lowrie has been racking up the RBIs recently, in addition to Coco Crisp hitting many homers. This is a pleasant surprise because Crisp didn’t have a very impressive ISO last season. I’m excited to see what else this team has in store for the rest of the season, especially Brandon Hoss.

Hannah: The San Francisco Giants are off to a strong start with a record of 9-5. After winning the World Series last season, the Giants got the majority of their roster back, with the exception of Aubrey Huff. However, catcher Buster Posey signed a $167 million contract to stay with the Giants for the next nine years. Although Posey had a rough start, he is doing well now. Also, Pablo Sandoval has had 14 RBIs so far, and Hunter Pence has had four home runs. Although it is a long season, the Giants are a deep team and I believe they have the skill to make it far into the playoffs.


What were your thoughts on the Masters?

Hanngia Frielskey: Normally, we don’t bother watching golf because we think it can be, well, boring. This Masters tournaments, however, was exciting from start to finish. From the get-go, our bets were on Rory McIlroy; how could the champ of the US Open a little while back do poorly? That idea escalated quickly as he kept shooting worse and worse, and ended up far from the lead. When it came to the last hole, we could not have been happier for Adam Scott. Sinking in that final putt from 11 feet away, our jaws dropped and we instantly fell in love with the young, talented and attractive golfer.  Aside from the actual game, we also took notes of outfits. Most importantly, Rickie Fowler. We’re used to him sporting loud and all orange outfits, but when he decided to whip out the obnoxious all lime green outfit, we shook our heads in shame. Overall, this year’s Masters was a good one. We wonder why golf isn’t always this exciting.