Mats Keep Faith in NCS Quest

Drew Anderson, Staff Writer

The quest for NCS continues for the Mats who played one game this week against league foe Daugherty Valley.                                                                                                      Tuesday the Mats had a bye, and resumed play Thursday against Daugherty Valley at home James Vaccarro ’16 took the mound for the Mats and had one of his rougher outings. Ultimately the Mats fell nine to one. Connor Jackson ‘15 also pitched, and Connor Bruen ‘13 knocked in the Mats only run.                                                                 Although it would be tough, there is still a chance for the Mats to make NCS, and the team is keeping faith in a different way.                                                                                   “We decided as a team that no one was going to shave until NCS, we hope it will bring a little energy to the team,” said ’13 Matt Cobley.