Lamorinda Swim Teams Explained & Exposed


Sofia Marinac and Molly Swain

Recreational swim club’s expectations and preparations for the upcoming summer season

 MCC: THE WAVESAfter a year of renovations, the MCC Waves are back and ready to jump into the swimming season. The new MCC pool is sparkling and new swimmers from all over are bustling, everyone wants a piece of the action.  “It’s really fun because most of the people I get to swim with are people who I swim against during the high school swim season,” Arielle Carona ‘15 said. Like OCC, MCC also has an abundance of swimmers and a beautiful pool. But unlike the other country club, MCC hasn’t been able to score as highly.

Orinda Country Club : THE SHARKS

When you hear Orinda Country Club, what comes to mind? Green rolling golf courses, a picturesque lake, gold star tennis court bathrooms, classy adult parties…and wait, don’t they have a swim team? Oh yes–the OCC Sharks. The mascot works for them, because they are most definitely feared. Somehow the fancy pants of OCC manage to work their tails off and get first every year. Must be all those free refills at the snack bar. “Swimming with OCC is really challenging but fun,” Grace Moran ‘14 said. “We have a lot of great swimmers every year but the most well known star swimmer is definitely Charlie Wiser ‘13.


Sleepy Hollow: THE LEGENDS

Notorious for coming in 2nd place at the OMPA, the Sleepy Hollow Legends are hungry. They’re known for their wild and sometimes loud coaches that drive their heart and soul into the daily summer swim practices. Gold time winners and Miramonte juniors Elise Goetzl ‘14 and Gabe Ostler ‘14 agree that their swim team feels like home, and a true family (however crazy that family may be). “Sleepy Hollow is a family. Everyone gets close over the summer and bonds over wanting to beat OCC, which is our rival. We are determined to beat them,” Goetzl said.


Moraga Valley Pool : THE MARLINS

The MVP Marlins are team players. Happy with wherever they place in meets, the point of being a part of the team is to have fun in a community of people who all want to have fun too! However, this “having fun” attitude seems to work well for them, as one of their alumni swimmers has competed in four different Olympics. Heather Petri, who swam for MVP years ago, competed in the Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London Olympic games for the US Water Polo team. “Swimming on MVP is a lot of fun since the team is really small and you get to know everyone super well,” Nick Coufal ‘14 said. “It’s always MVP’s goal to take 5th or 6th at the OMPA so that’s what we’re shooting for.”


Orinda Park Pool: THE STINGRAYS 

Orinda Park Pool: like the uncle you never had, just a little too friendly. The Stingrays are not  as “stingy.” “Orinda Party People” are fun, nice and ready to be your new best friend. “Although OPP tends to move up and down in rankings, I believe that we will do fairly well this year, especially during the OMPA,” Mia Taapken ‘13 said.



Controversial skits? Check. “Festive” parents? Check. Swimmers with an extra helping of spirit? Double check. These dolphins are a friendly group, but are aching for that first place title. The Dolphins are hungry and hunting for the Sharks and Dragons. Although they have been inching their way towards first, the loss of star swimmers to year-round swimming may have heavily affected their chances. “Meadow is so fun and the team is great,” Emily Byrne ‘15 said. “Our star swimmers were me, Marie-Claire Schillinger and now Scott Wu. They should do well in OMPA because they work very well as a team and all try extremely hard. However, I don’t think they’ll do as well because they’re losing me and Marie-Claire.”  However, the Dolphins plan to regroup and set out for another successful year.