A’s Season Ends Short of World Series

Matt Metheny, Staff Writer

For the second year in a row the Oakland A’s were knocked out of the playoffs by the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS. The series ended again in game five in Oakland. Detroit Tigers ace pitcher Justin Verlander shut the A’s hot offense down and ended their season, almost exactly like he did a year ago.

Although it was another successful season for the A’s as they won the AL West, it ended in huge disappointment. The expectations were much higher for the A’s this year and no one wanted another year to end in the ALDS. Last year, the A’s surprised everyone and took the division in the last game of the season. This year was different, the A’s mainly controlled the AL West the whole year and clinched the division with a week of the season left. This caused greater hopes for the A’s to go further in the playoffs.

A’s fans couldn’t believe this season was over and were upset the A’s let the Tigers knock them out again.

“I was in complete shock after the loss in game 5, I couldn’t accept the fact that our season was over just like that, I had huge hopes for this years team,” senior Brandon Armosino said.