Athlete of the Issue: Lindsay Buckel

Athlete of the Issue: Lindsay Buckel

Claire Marvin, Columns and Reviews Editor

For most of us, the idea of running three miles through the middle of god-knows-where as fast as you can seems like something straight out of a nightmare, but for Lindsay Buckel ‘14, running cross country is a dream come true. Buckel is one of five captains of the MHS cross country team and has dedicated much of her time to running.

“Running isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” Buckel said. “It is so incredibly taxing on your body; you have to watch what you eat, make sure you get enough sleep, keep hydrated, and even make sure you don’t use your legs too much the day of a race.”

Buckel took up running sophomore year to stay in shape for basketball season. However, Buckel quickly fell in love with the sport and traded in her baggy basketball shorts and jersey for tight running shorts and a racing bib.

“My math teacher, Mr. Henderson, really inspired me to start running. He used to be a track and cross country coach, so he knows exactly what it’s like to be in my shoes.  He’s also a really great person to talk to about races and strategies and such.”

Buckel’s favorite components of the sport are the “fast, hard workouts.” She gets a rush from pushing her body as far as it can go and feels accomplished after a long run.

“There’s always that point in a sport when you reach your peak of exhaustion and you don’t think it’s possible to go on. Running is pushing past that point; if you don’t have the mental willpower, then you won’t succeed.”

With 110 members, the cross country team is the largest team on campus. As a captain, Buckel knows it is her responsibility to make a point to know everyone on the team. “It’s hard to know everyone because just knowing their name is not enough. You have to know what spot they are on the team and what event they run. Getting 110 peoples’ attention for warm-ups can prove to be quite challenging.”

Her efforts as a captain haven’t gone unnoticed, however. “We decided to choose her as a captain because of the way she has attacked the past couple of seasons and, ever since she’s been on the cross country team, she’s just had this dedication and this excitement for the sport as she’s grown into it and learned more about it,” Coach Brad Alban said. “She makes herself and her teammates accountable and I think we made a really great choice; she’s done really well and we couldn’t really ask for more.”

Buckel has been an integral part of the team and went to NCS alongside her varsity teammates. “NCS last year was definitely one of the best memories of my running career. We showed up to race and it was pouring rain, but as we started running the rain miraculously stopped. We were wearing white uniforms and everyone came in from their races completely soaked and covered in mud; it was so intense.”

Buckel hopes to continue her running career in college next year, but it depends on what school she goes to. If the school has a walk-on availability you can bet that she will be running for. As a senior, Buckel is sad that this is her last year representing Miramonte.

“I think the things I am going to miss the most about cross country and running in general are my coaches Brad and Tristan. Brad is so inspirational, and Tristan never hesitates to be honest, if he says something, you believe him. I have learned so much from both of them and feel lucky to have had them as coaches.”