Women’s Varsity Soccer Defeats Dougherty Valley


Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

Last Friday night, Lady Mats defeated Dougherty Valley 1-0. Sophomore Ceci Gee scored the only goal to finish the first half. “The shot was so strong that the ball hit the goalie’s hands but pushed them back and went through her legs. It was a good goal,” Senior Kayla Sigaroudi said.

Miramonte’s goalie, Senior Mali Tehaney, saved over ten goals, solidifying the win. She will continue playing next year for University of California Davis. “Mali played really well. She saved a ton of shots,” Sigaroudi said.

Due to Coach Mohammad’s prolonged absence, Assistant Coach Medi has been coaching the team for the past two weeks. “Considering we haven’t had our coach, we did really well and I think we will do even better when Mo comes back,” Senior Sarah Mills said.