Winter Olympics Preview

Juliet Miller , Staff Writer

Sochi, Russia, a resort-like city situated along the shores of the Black Sea and near the Caucasus Mountains, will be hosting the 2014 Olympic games. The Sochi Olympics will be the first Olympics held in Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

There are many concerns right now with the upcoming games. Russia will be allotting over 50 billion dollars for the total cost of the events, making it the most expensive Olympics in history. And with less than 100 days until the February 7th opening ceremony, around half that sum of money is claimed to have disappeared in corrupt building contracts. Another major issue is the fact that Sochi might not be able to produce enough snow. The humid subtropical climate isn’t ideal for the winter games.

Sochi has decided to have not just one, but two Olympic villages. One will be located near the sea and the other will be up in the mountains. The “two-cluster” concept generates the need for a high-speed train crossing the Sochi area. Russia wants to make a statement, and to do this, they are willing to build and pay for the most elaborate and expensive plans.

There are 15 events this winter, organized into 7 Olympic sports categories. The seven categories are; skating, skiing, bobsleigh, biathlon, curling, hockey and luge. This is the largest Winter Olympics known to date.

Vladimir Putin’s plan to have the most exciting and historic winter Olympics of all time has started with the olympic torch reaching space. This is the first time the torch has left the spaceship and will be returned to Earth and used to light the Olympic cauldron in February. This is all part of Putin’s elaborate plan to show a modernized country and step out of the shadow of the Soviet Union.

While Putin continues to build his two villages and multiple arenas, Sochi is being destroyed. The once beautiful natural region has become a construction zone. Not listening to any environmentalists, Putin won’t stop the building at any cost.

Senior Liya Levanda says when it come to the Olympic sports, she is most looking forward to figure skating at bobsledding. Levanda also says, “Though I love the Olympics, the controversy over there about Putin excluding the gay community does make me feel like we should boycott.”

Other students believe political matters shouldn’t influence the games. Sophomore Michael Downey says, “The games should go on no matter what is happening outside of the sports worlds. The Olympics are about bringing the world together every fours years and leaving our differences at the door.”