Various Olympic Sports Allow for Many Miramonte Favorites


D. Kwok

Dashia Kwok likes watching the snowboarding events because it is a sport she loves to play.

Libby Dunne, Staff Writer

This year, the winter Olympics showcased over 13 spectacular events televised over 17 days for about three hours a day. With Miramonte student’s busy schedule, they need to pick and choose which events to watch. Mirador talks to students about their favorite olympic event they watched this year.

Many Miramonte students enjoyed watching the snowboarding events at this winter olympics. “My favorite sport to watch is the Boardercross snowboarding because it gets really intense and entertaining because you never know when people are going to fall or crash into each other,” sophomore Alea Barrios.

“My favorite this year was slopestyle snowboarding. For one thing, I snowboard but am pretty bad at it so it’s quite inspiring, but it’s also really amazing to see how the snowboarders can take such huge and scary jumps. It’s also nice that they can still be quite creative with their jumps as well,” senior Dashia Kwok said.

Not every student however prefers this sport, as there are so many different event in every winter Olympics. “I like the speed skating because I love watching the how fast the olympians go on the ice,” sophomore Gwen Sullivan said.

“I really like watching the skeleton because the Olympians go so super fast and they go head first. It’s really cool!” freshman Hana Neugebauer said.

People love to watch sports in which they do not play because it makes the events even more intriguing and interesting. “My favorite event is the slopestyle skiing because I wish that I could do the same tricks they do and it is really exciting to watch,” sophomore Olivia Guidotti said.