Two Way Street

Drew Anderson and Joey Goodreault, Staff Writers

by Drew Anderson and Joey Goodreault

Who would pick if you had the number one pick?

Drew: Today’s NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and without an above average quarterback it is incredibly hard to compete, as proven by the Bengals. With that being said, taking a quarterback who doesn’t pan out can set a franchise back for years. While there are some intriguing prospects, I just don’t see a sure-fire top end quarterback in this year’s draft. To me, the only player in this draft who can drastically change a team right now is Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney is an athletic freak and physically is already ahead of 95 percent of starting defensive ends in the league. The main concern with Clowney is his passion for the game which many people are questioning. If motivated, there is no doubt Clowney will be a force-on defense and dramatically improve any team that lands him. Guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel will be hard to pass for teams that need quarterbacks. However no player in this draft has the potential to change the game like Jadeveon Clowney.

Joey: Johnny Manziel baby!!! That’s who the number one pick should be! He is an explosive quarterback whose ability and personality are what you expect in a franchise quarterback. If you watched him at A&M then you know Manziel is a flat-out playmaker. Which other quarterback in college football was able to throw for nearly 500 yards and score five touchdowns on Alabama’s immovable defense? No one except for “Johnny Football.” Yes, there are concerns about his small stature, but those concerns should be dismissed considering Russell Wilson, who is a short quarterback as well, won a Super Bowl this past year. There is just something special about this kid that you can’t put a finger on. He’s a leader, he’s confident and he’s the guy that you want to lead your team. In a quarterback driven league, Manziel shouldn’t be passed up. He has the ability to change a franchise right when he steps into the locker room. He will sell tickets and wins games because that’s what he has done his whole life. There is no doubt that Johnny Manziel should be the number one pick of the 2013/2014 NFL Draft.

Who do you believe is the March Madness dark horse?

Drew: When looking for a March Madness dark horse, I like to look for teams who have shown they can play with anyone, and can knock down the three ball. This year I think BYU fits the bill. With a roster full of experience and 3-point shooters, I think BYU has a chance to make a run in the tournament. Right now BYU is looking at a seed somewhere between a seven to ten, and in their case I think maybe a little lower seed would be better for them, so they don’t have to see a one seed in the second round. BYU is lighting up the scoreboard this year averaging 85 points per game, making them the third highest scoring team in Division I. BYU has two prolific scorers, Tyler Hawes and Matt Carlino, who make BYU a tough team to stop. On a neutral floor, I think BYU can match up with anyone.

Joey: Creighton is this year’s March Madness Dark House. The only reason though is because of Doug McDermott. When you look at the past year’s Cinderella stories, they all have a common factor and that’s a star player. Whether it was Steph Curry of Davidson or Gordon Hayward of Butler, those guys lead their mediocre teams deep into the tournament. McDermott is going to do the same with Creighton. The player of the year candidate has been putting up big numbers the entire year. McDermott is currently the 10th ranked scoring leader in NCAA history and he’s going to keep climbing that ladder into March Madness. No team wants to match up with Creighton and for good reason. Don’t be surprised if Doug McDermott and Creighton make some noise in the tournament.

What was the impact Allen Iverson had on the NBA?

Joey and Drew: At 6’0”, 165-pound, Allen Iverson transcended the NBA. He was a superior athlete with impeccable skill and achieved great accolades including one NBA Finals appearance, seven All-Star appearances, one Rookie of the Year award, and one NBA MVP award. However, what Iverson did reached beyond personal achievements and could be considered larger than the game itself. Iverson introduced a new era of the NBA and redefined how a professional athlete could be a role model—tattoos, gold chains, and all. He was an imperfect man who showed that it’s okay to be flawed.