Matador Baseball Update

Blake Peterson

The Miramonte Baseball team enhanced their even-keel record with a close takedown of the Dougherty Valley WIldcats with a score of 5-4. With a new record of 4-4, many Miramonte players feel as if they are not playing to their full potential. With scattered injuries and common errors, the Matadors have quite a headache over whether they are going to finish their season in the NCS playoffs, or be defeated during the regular season.

During last Thursday’s game, The Wildcats turned up the heat with three runs in the first inning, leaving the Matadors in the dust. However, the Mats played their cards right, and only allowed one more run throughout the remaining duration of the game. With the Mat’s consistent scoring of one run per inning, they were able to make up for their performance in the beginning, and trample the Wildcats.

Even with the Mats’ four wins, their coaches and players are not happy with their seasonal performance. Brandon Armosino ‘14 who has been playing since t-ball, says: “Our season has been a grind so far. We believe that we are underperforming and not playing the way we know we can.” Along with other players, Armosino believes that they could be doing better in their season, and that constant errors are hurting their chances of qualifying for the playoffs, “Our goal is to get an NCS championship.”

Aside from the Matadors’ mistakes, their pitching is what keeps the Matadors in every game. Andrew Rosenzweig ‘14 and James Vaccaro ‘16 both share earned run averages of three and lower. With pitching this phenomenal, the Mats are able to clobber those at bat, however, their problem is that the rest up the team can not back the pitchers up.

“Our strength lies in our pitchers,”  Vaccaro said. “We always pitch very well and keep the team in the game. Our batting though can not back the pitchers up. The optimal scoring position is when there are runners on base, and the player up to bat drives in runs. We have not been very successful with that.”

Because the Matadors did not make the NCS playoffs last year, they now have the determination to stampede over this season’s opposition. “We will battle for a NCS birth again this year,” said Varsity Head Coach Vince Dell’Aquilla. The Seniors Matadors have not yet seen an NCS championship for baseball, so they will battle to their hearts content for this year’s championship.