Mats Lacrosse Update

Andrew Deaver

 The Miramonte Men’s lacrosse team hopes to be on the path to an North Coast Section Championship. The Mats are returning with a powerhouse offense consisting of Coleman Fine ‘15 , Jack Murphy ‘14, and Jackson Doyle ‘14 as the starting attackers. The Mats defense of Matt Moran ‘14, Nick Latimer ‘15, and Josh Chen ‘15 hope to put a stop to the Campolindo Cougars high scoring offense as they face off this Friday.

“The Mats squad this year is young but don’t let that make you think we aren’t a talented group of individuals. We play really well as a team and have great chemistry. I spend a ton of time with my teammates outside of lacrosse practice,” Fine said.

The Matadors have a 2-3 record overall and are 1-1 in league play. The Mats have played two strong Division I teams that were tallied for losses though the Mats fought valiantly.

“Our team is unlike any other team on campus. We are a really close group of friends and I’m truly lucky to have a group of laxers like these guys. We have a lot of team dinners and chill sessions outside of school. I have really gotten a great opportunity to bond with the underclassmen whom I was really sceptical about. I can tell that they will be really successful in the future because they train really hard,” John Diamantidis ‘15 said.

The Matadors have many bonding sessions outside of school. They enjoy hanging out at each other’s houses and play Fifa ‘14.

The lacrosse practices are comprised of conditioning, drills, game-like situations, and scrimmaging. The conditioning is brutal and consists of a two- mile warm up jog, followed by running up and down the bleachers for 30 minutes. The Matadors are known to edge out other teams due to their physical superiority and ability to resist fatigue.

“Our conditioning is pretty difficult. I think our team really benefits from the workouts we do. The running we do can be a bit much at times, but I can really tell that the running helps me later in the game when I’m running on fumes. One time Winny made us run 12 laps around the track carrying this super heavy rope. I felt paralyzed the next day,” Spencer Hardwick ‘15 said.

Coach Winford is notorious for being demanding but his methods have been proven to be successful after the Mats NCS football Championship earlier this year. Coach Winford has coached Lacrosse at Miramonte for two years and football for five years.

“Winny can go from being my favorite coach to my least favorite coach in a time span of 20 minutes. I can honestly say he’s taught me a lot of things that have truly benefited me, but all that success comes at a price. I know now that if I stick to what he says, I’ll be perfectly fine,” Chris Berg ‘15 said.

Many roadblocks lie ahead on the road to an NCS Championship as the Mats have to defeat the Acalanes Dons who are two time defending NCS Champions and have slayed their competition with an undefeated record of 7-0.