Win Every Day: Mats Track and Field

Clayton Stehr

Miramonte Track and Field competed in numerous non-league meets, proving their talent superior to many other teams across Northern California. The Mats placed in the top five in overall points at four different invitationals, facing off against some of the best athletes in Northern California. Will Fuller’s ‘14 exceptional athleticism carried him to numerous victories from the long jump to the 100 meter dash, while newcomer Luke Lundstrom ‘14 finished in the top five in all his events.

Acalanes edged Miramonte in their first Diablo Foothill Athletic League meet of the year. As usual, Miramonte dominated the 400 and 800 meter races. Elliot Fong ‘15, Charlie O’Brien ‘15, and Brian Haufler ‘15 swept the boy’s 800, while Hannah Fishlow ‘16 triumphed in the girl’s 800. Nathan Downey ‘14 took home first in the 400, while the girls won the 4×400 relay. Many young stars rose to the challenge, while veteran leaders dominated their respective races. However, it wasn’t enough to overcome Acalanes, one of the top track teams in Northern California.

For these runners, everything is earned, and nothing is given. Everyday, everyone gathers together as a team and discusses the practice plan and goals for the day. Each runner is determined to beat their previous record time, pushing themselves to the point of throwing up during practice. “You push your body to do things you could never imagine,” Olivia Vigo ‘16 said. “People think track isn’t hard but tears and vomit are shed during every meet and workout.”

    The Mats are led by captain Downey, who continues to showcase his wide range of talents meet after meet. He finished first in pole vault and 300 hurdles in the East Bay Invitational and Acalanes meet, while also competing in the 400 meter and 4×400 meter relay team.

    “Most people thinks it sucks training for all these events,” Downey said. “But I do all them because I’ve come to love them and the people I train with. It’s all worth it in the end.”

    “He carries our whole team,” Jackson Braitberg ‘16 said of Downey. “He literally does everything you can imagine and then some.”

Along with great senior leadership, Miramonte is loaded with young stars, who are already excelling at the varsity level as just freshmen and sophomores. Arden Creson ‘17 finished first in girl’s long jump in multiple meets, while also finishing in the top five in the 100 and 200 in four meets, while Lola Olabode ‘17 finished in the top three in the 200 and 400 against Acalanes.

“I can’t wait to see those girls develop the next four years,” head coach Tristan Tool said. “They work so hard and have done so much already at such a young age. I sometimes have to remind myself that they’re just freshmen.”

The field aspect of track and field usually takes the backseat to the more popular fast-paced sprints. Shot-put and discus throwers Alec Bizieff ‘14 and Alexander Schnier ‘15, who together average 240 pounds, don’t want to be involved in running anyways, but take pride in excelling in an event requiring finesse and strength in order to succeed.

“We’ve been in the weight room ever since football ended,” Bizieff said. “It’s been key for our success and finishing highly in most of our meets.”

Those who compete in track and field all say how demanding and tough of a sport it is. The passion and toughness exhibited by many of the athletes is a main reason why Miramonte track and field is so successful.