Fall Captains Prepare for Season

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

Fall sports captains, a small and talented group of athletes on the Miramonte campus, are held to a high standard of excellence and are held responsible for bringing their team success on the field, in the pool, and on the track.

This year’s captains are as follows:


Men’s Water Polo

Grayson Judge ‘15e

Jordan Hoover ‘15

“Matspolo will create a new dynasty this year, I have no doubt about that. We have strong players in every position, very solid underclassmen, and a dedicated senior class. The future looks very bright.”



Clayton Stehr ‘16

Ryan Anderson ‘16

Greg Pietrykowski ‘15

Grant Miller ‘15

“This year we have a very young team so there is a lot of rebuilding to do from last year. However, I think once we get the ball rolling we will start winning games and hopefully repeat last year’s success.”

Scott Iqbal ‘15

McClain Marks ‘16

Alexander Schnier ‘15

Sam Tuttle ‘16


Girl’s Water polo

Kristen Hong ‘15

“We all have high hopes for the season. We have a very talented team and now it’s just seeing what we can do with the opportunity we have been handed.”

Shannon Moran ‘15

Avery Martin ‘15



Lauren Foster ‘15

“Even though we lost a lot of players last season, I’m very optimistic for the upcoming season because we have a very strong group of underclassmen”

Vanessa Tang ‘15


Mens’ Cross Country

Sid Bagga ‘15

Andrew Lewis ‘15

Ryan McDermott ‘15


Women’s Cross Country

Georgia Roden ‘15

Sarah Rockwood ‘15

Sondra Abruzzo ‘15

“There is a lot of talent on both the boys and girls side and we are pretty good at staying as a pack so I definitely think we can do well this season”


Jen Stanten ‘15

Cece Andrews ‘15

Taylor James ‘15