Acalanes, Campo NCS Semi-Final Under Review

Margaret Ross, News Editor

In the Acalanes at Campolindo men’s water polo NCS semi-final yesterday, two three-minute overtime periods and a sudden-death round resulted in a controversial debate that remains under review today.

No goals were scored in the first overtime period, but in the second, Acalanes scored twice and Campo once. Campo took possession in the final seconds. After the clock ran out and Acalanes fans began to celebrate, Campo coach Miles Price alleged that he had called a timeout when his team took possession. NCS referee Jeff Roy turned the clock back five seconds, giving Campo enough time to tie up the score. In a three-minute sudden-death round, Campo scored in their first possession.

Acalanes parents brought film footage to the referees arguing that Price had not called a timeout and should not have been given extra time. Hours after the time ran out, NCS referees concluded that the five seconds should not have been allotted and reversed the result of the game, giving Acalanes the win. However, the result of the game is still under review. Miramonte will play the eventual winner at home at 3:00 on Saturday, Nov. 15.

“I don’t think it matters a great amount to us,” Miramonte coach James Lathrop said. “The boys will be excited to be in the NCS final. I expect them to come ready to play. I think that [the referees] are trying to do their best.”

“It’s not going to change how we play because we have the same system no matter who we play,” senior Jack Conner said. “In terms of how Campo is handling it, I don’t think they’re handling it well. I think that they should just admit defeat and lose with class.”