NFL Playoff Preview

David Becker, Staff Writer

Baltimore Ravens (10-6) @ New England Patriots (12-4)

Never doubt Tom Brady. In the previous five seasons, New England has been in the NFL playoffs and have made the AFC championship game most of those years. This year they will advance to the AFC championship once again after they defeat the Baltimore Ravens in Foxborough. Look for New England Tight End Rob Gronkowski to have yet another big game.

Carolina Panthers (7-8-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (12-4)

Carolina’s offense will have big trouble with the Legion of Boom up in Seattle. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor can stop any offensive player in the whole league. Plus Marshawn Lynch will activate Beast Mode and run all over the Panther’s D on the way to a Seattle victory.

Dallas Cowboys (12-4) @ Green Bay Packers (12-4)

The Cowboys haven’t lost an away game this season, but they haven’t played in Lambeau. The Cowboy’s defense will have to play their best against Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy. This won’t be a walk in the park for the Packers as two of the best offensive players in the NFL, DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant, come to town.

Indianapolis Colts (11-5) @ Denver Broncos (12-4)

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning, who spent the first 14 seasons in Indianapolis, will now play against his former team for the second time this year. The Broncos won 31-24 the first they met the Colts on opening day, and this game will be no different.