Two Way Street

Clay Haskell and Jarrett Perches, Staff Writers

Did the Patriots win the Super Bowl or did the Seahawks lose it?

Jarrett (Patriots won it): Yes, of course one can blame the Seahawks’ loss on Pete Carroll for not running the ball with Marshawn Lynch on second down, one yard away from the Patriots’ endzone. However, just because the Seahawks threw the ball does not mean they were handing the Patriots the win. The Patriots still had to execute on the Seahawks mistakes. Malcolm Butler made a phenomenal play in order to seal the victory for New England. In addition, the Seahawks were not the only team to throw a crucial interception in the endzone. The same event occurred in the first quarter when Brady was picked-off in the endzone by the Seahawk’s Jeremy Lane. The fact of the matter is, every team makes mistakes, but the other team still must take advantage of those mistakes in order to win the game.

Clay (Seahawks lost it): There is a reason that they call Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode”. He is an absolute tank. Watching defenders try to tackle him is like watching little kids try to tackle an adult. Nobody really knows what was going through Pete Carroll’s mind when he decided to throw the ball, and to be honest he probably over-thought the decision. With the play being second and one, the Seahawks could have tried three times to run the ball in with Lynch. Pete Carroll may have been trying to trick the Patriots defense, but with a championship on the line, why not give the ball to Lynch. The Patriots had a great drive to take the lead, but the Seahawks were in a position where they only had to gain one yard with arguably the best, and undisputable the hardest person to tackle in the NFL. While you can say that there were other plays that could have changed the game, it was the horrible decision by Pete Carroll that cost the Seahawks a championship.


Who poses the biggest threat to the Warriors in the playoffs?

Clay (San Antonio Spurs): This year the Warriors are the best team in the NBA. The Hawks are very good, but the Warriors are dominating the Western Conference, not the measly Eastern Conference that has two teams in the playoff picture who are below .500. The Warriors are likely going to have home court advantage throughout the playoffs and that is a huge bonus as Oracle Arena has basically been a fortress for them this year. They have only lost at home twice all year: once to the Spurs, and once in overtime to a formidable opponent in the Chicago Bulls. While the Spurs are currently in seventh place in the Western Conference, they still know how to beat the Warriors. Longtime Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich, knows that when the Warriors get going they are impossible to stop, so he calls timeouts the second that he senses the Warriors are starting to get hot. So, if the Warriors want to go all the way this year they better hope that somebody else knocks out the Spurs for them.

Jarrett (Thunder): The Warriors 2015 season has been spectacular to say the least. However, there are a few teams that could pose a serious threat to the Warriors. This year one team that may very well be responsible for the Warriors’ downfall may come in the first round. The Oklahoma City Thunder are currently on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs due to an extremely rough start to the season. However, this rough patch occurred while the teams star players, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, were out with injuries. The Warriors are 2-0 against the Thunder this season, but both wins were by only five points against an unhealthy Thunder lineup. Despite having a 3-12 record prior to the return of the teams two stars, the now healthier Thunder team has driven their record up to 25-24; that’s a 22-12 swing since the drought even with some small injuries. With Durant and Westbrook both healthy the Thunder are one of the best teams in the NBA and a very scary and unfortunate matchup for whoever has to face them in the first round. There are no teams with the defensive capacity to shut down this versatile Warriors offense, but the Thunder have the best chance at out-scoring them. The fact of the matter is the Warriors are the best team in the West, and, when healthy, the Thunder are the second.


Is Tom Brady the best quarterback of all time?

Both (Yes): Now that Tom Brady has won his fourth Super Bowl ring, tying quarterback legends Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most all time, Brady is the best quarterback of all time. Overall, this debate over best quarterback ever has been dwindled down to two players: Montana and Brady. Both have had extremely similar careers starting from the day they were drafted. Both Montana and Brady were picked much lower than where they should have been in the NFL draft, have posted career completion percentages within .3 points of each other and have each won four Super Bowls. However, there are a few statistics that highlight Brady as the overall better quarterback. First of all, Brady has made it to six Super Bowls opposed to Montana’s four. Some people say that this is a statistic that favors Montana because he won all four, however, although Brady has not been undefeated in the Super Bowl, he has been able to lead his team there more times. In addition, Brady’s overall QB rating stands at 95.9 while Montana’s rests at 92.3. Brady’s 254.8 yards per game average is also more impressive than Montana’s 211.2. Finally, Montana accomplished all of this with the help of Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver of all time, while Brady did not.


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