Worst Sports Jerseys

Jarrett Perches, Staff Writer

Staff Writer Jarrett Perches took his time picking out the most questionable and oftentimes flat out horrid looking jerseys that different sports teams don. Here are the worst of the worst:


Baseball– MLB “Throw Forward” Jerseys: Instead of wearing classic “throw back” uniforms, the MLB decided to try and attempt a new movement in 1998. They called it the “throw forward” movement in which the jerseys were supposed to be from the future in the year 2027. Teams featured weird alien looking batting helmets and tops with the team’s logo blown up on the front. In my opinion,the worst of the throw forward series included the Mariners’, Royals’, Pirates’ and Mets’. In fact, the Mets even went as far as to call themselves the “Mercury Mets” in which they featured a picture of the planet Mercury on their jersey. According to this logic, I guess we will all be aliens by 2027.


Photo: B. Williams


Basketball- 2014 NBA All-Star Jerseys: In past NBA all star games, the jerseys always seemed to feature detailed and exquisite designs. However, in 2014, that was certainly not the case. Let’s begin with the fact that these jerseys had sleeves. Something about sleeve bearing jerseys and basketball does not go together. The players don’t like them and neither do most of the fans. The only people that like these jerseys are the 2k basketball players that insist on equipping their team with the worst jerseys they have. In addition to the sleeves, these jerseys also display an atrocious color combination. The Eastern all stars chose to mix navy blue with quite possibly the ugliest shade of green I have ever seen in my entire life. While these were bad, the Western all stars jerseys were not much better. Probably the worst part of these jerseys was the giant fleur de lis logo on the front of the jersey. This logo represents New Orleans and does look great on the Saints helmets; however, it was not the same on the 2014 NBA all-star jerseys. Overall, these jerseys look nothing better than t-shirts that nobody would want to buy.

Photo: S. Brown


Football- Steelers “Bumble Bee” Jerseys: The Pittsburgh Steelers are the owners of easily the worst jerseys in all of sports. Their black and yellow striped outfits make viewers question whether they are hallucinating and watching massive bees play football. Seriously, it’s like they are trying to be funny by wearing that hideous attire. The Steelers first brought out the “Bumble Bee” jerseys in 1934, a season where they went 2-10. Factoring in the terrible season they had that year and how terrible the jerseys look, it is beyond me why the Steelers organization would choose to bring them back. These throwbacks are guaranteed to make you want to throw up.


Photo: J. Bridge


Hockey- Vancouver Canucks Throwback Jerseys: (Honorable Mentions: Santa Claus and Sheriff jerseys): Without a doubt, the NHL has the most elongated list of ugly jerseys in all of sports. Many hockey jersey’s provide a special factor that will repel even the most avid supporters of ugly Christmas sweaters. For instance, a minor league hockey team wore their infamous sheriff jerseys which resembled something a kid would wear if he wanted to be Woody from Toy Story for halloween. To add on to this list of terrible jersey’s are the “Santa Clause” jerseys which first which featured a design resembling Santa’s suit and his beard designed around the collar. However, the award for the most egregious jersey in hockey was handed out when the Vancouver Canucks charged onto the ice ready to celebrate kwanzaa. Or maybe, they wanted to represent the beautiful colors of spaghetti? I honestly have no idea. But I do know one thing; these jerseys were terrible.



Photo: N. Goss


Soccer- Hull City Throwback “Tiger Skin” Jerseys: In 1992, Hull City’s new jerseys, meant to portray the intimidation and ferocity of a tiger, ended up looking more like a silk women’s bathrobe. It’s not like the jerseys were good luck either, Hull City posted a 57-75 record in the four years they suited up in the repugnant tiger skin. When the club posted a 5-25 record in 1995-96 they finally decided it was time to move on and find another look.


Photo: P. Cockerton