Mats Cut Seniors From Varsity

Maddie Geary, Business Manager

It has been an unsaid rule at Miramonte ever since I can remember: seniors automatically make the varsity team for whatever sport they try out for. I am not quite sure why. I never really viewed it as a form of pity, especially because the weaker seniors never expected to have important roles or starting positions if their skills didn’t match up. It was never really awkward either. Most of the seniors on the teams of the three sports that I play had been on varsity for at least a year prior, and those that weren’t until senior year understood their contribution to the team would be minimal for the most part.

However, the last season of the last sport of my last year at Miramonte put this unsaid rule into question when a senior was cut from the varsity lacrosse team after being on varsity her junior year.

Although initially shocking, upon further thought it did not seem that far fetched. Over the past four years in particular, the women’s lacrosse program at Miramonte has improved dramatically. I recall that during my freshman year, there were not enough players for two teams. There was going to be no JV team solely due to lack of interest, until the program coordinators managed to recruit the bare minimum of people to make two teams.

In comparison, this year there almost had to be cuts from the JV team, until the coordinators managed to make a spot for everyone who wished to participate. On top of that, the incoming freshmen were particularly impressive this year. Four freshmen made the varsity team easily, and a handful more were strong varsity contenders but were eventually placed on JV. For these reasons alone, it is perfectly understandable as to why varsity coach Devon Combe felt the need to cut anyone who didn’t meet the criteria of ability and dedication, no matter what grade they were in.

Although she is wishing to stay anonymous for this article, the fellow senior that was cut wants to point out that other factors went into the decision of her not being on the varsity roster. “I wasn’t just cut,” she explained. “I got a concussion the week of tryouts so I was unable to play. However, I am still helping out with the team.”

This is a crucial point to bring up because it hints at the importance of athletic safety. Be sure to complete your concussion base test with John Grigsby, our Miramonte trainer, so that it will be much easier to accurately test if you have a concussion. Concussions are serious injuries that should be treated as such, and can change your life forever if not handled correctly.