Mats Swimming!

Layne Estes, Staff Writer

Spring at Miramonte High School prompts a new beginning for different sports. The weather changes, making conditions more suitable for certain sports. The Miramonte swimming program is one of the most prevalent during this time. Run by coaches Donnie Heidary, Trevor Rose, John Behnke and Julio Enciso, the Miramonte swim team emphasises an environment of team commitment, work ethic and character. Whether participants are rec swimmers, year-round swimmers or water polo players, the objective is to come together as a team through integrity, spirit and commitment.

“The season is looking good. We have a lot of dedicated kids that came into the season ready to work. So far, it has also been very positive,” captain Scott Wu ‘16 said. “Being a captain gives me a different perspective on the swim team. Instead of being a swimmer and a swimmer only, I now wear two hats – one as a swimmer and one as a leader.”

This year the Miramonte swim captains are Shannon Moran ‘15, Kristen Hong ‘15, Emily Byrne ‘15, Marie Claire Schillinger ‘15, Will Gittings ‘15, Wu, Ryan Sitar ‘15 and Tommy Larsen ‘15.

“For future meets, we are going to have tsome swimmers find their events, which will take some time. We also have a good amount of Orinda Aquatics kids who will provide stability and experience to the team,” Wu said.

The team is relatively young this year, as opposed to years past. A large number of seniors graduated last year, making room for younger swimmers to step up and take their training to the next level.

“The young team may be a problem early, but we always have kids who step up every year. I’m confident that the underclassmen will definitely rise to the occasion and help our team do well when it comes to DFAL championships,” Wu said.

Overall, the legendary Miramonte swim team looks strong heading into the 2015 season. With dedication and teamwork, the team is bound to rise above others in the competitions coming up.

Time trials are this Friday after school and will be their first meet of the year.