Dodgeball Craze Takes Over Campus


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Team Outfield Plus poses for a picture after victory at home.

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

Final Four: Outfield Plus faced a pumped up Vinny Chase and the Chasers team for the first semifinal. However, bowling star James Vaccaro ‘16 came up clutch with the final catch to send Outfield Plus to the finals. In the second semifinal, the Matspolo Lambsbread team faced the Big Dipperz. The Dipperz were quickly dismantled by a Lambsbread team with an unusually high number of catches. Big Dipper Chris Berg ‘15 tried hard to make a final stand but in the end was overwhelmed by a much stronger Lambsbread team.

Championship: Outfield Plus dominated Lambsbread, winning a quick two games out of three to sweep the championship. Both games were poorly contested by Lambsbread, who could not defend against Outfield Plus’ targeted attacks. Andrew Deaver ‘16 had the final kill to secure the win.

Lockdown Dodgeball:

The lockdown happened to land directly at the time when students were filing into the gym to watch the dodgeball quarterfinals. When the bells rang and the doors were shut, students were asked to stay in the gym until further notice. The additional time allowed for all four games of the quarterfinals to be played, along with some sport vs. sport matchups. Lady Mats Lax lost to Lady Mats Hoops in a clearly one sided game dominated by basketball star Sabrina Ionescu ‘16. Lady Mats Lax played with a much more aggressive offensive strategy, throwing every ball as soon as possible. However, the players on Lady Mats Hoops simply caught each ball and in the end this defensive strategy won the game for them. Mats Polo beat both Mats Football and Mats Baseball in two highly anticipated match-ups, with all three teams fielding athletically impressive lineups.