NBA Should Recruit High Schoolers


Jacob Thomas, Staff Writer

It has been an ongoing controversy for years. Should high school players be able to go straight to the pros?

Today there are 23 players in the NBA that have been drafted out of high school. Some of these players include SF Lebron James, SG Kobe Bryant, C Tyson Chandler, C Dwight Howard, and SG Monta Ellis,C Al Jefferson, and PF Josh Smith. The list goes on and on.

The association has thrived by picking through the draft, and some of the greatest players in the league now and through history have also been successful coming out of high school.

As of now the minimum age to enter the NBA is 19. Ex-NBA commissioner David Stern feels that players must have an additional year beyond high school before entering the NBA. One year in college means that scouts are able to take a closer look at the prospect.  While there are many successful players that have came out of high school, Stern believes that athletes would also have a more successful draft with that additional year.

In all there have been seven superstars that have been developed straight out of high school. There are several examples of players that did not get drafted out of high school, however the stars that have developed have changed the NBA. The seven guys together have won nine championships along with 64 all-star appearances.

Why should the NBA make these restrictions? It is the player’s decision whether or not to make the NBA jump. Players have a sense of confidence coming out of high school and these players also do the most damage around the league as well. If we are waiting for another player with the caliber of Lebron or Kobe, the NBA needs to open up the draft age.

If the NBA made such a move it would do nothing but help the league. For some athletes it is smarter to mature in college, on the other hand others are ready to attack the NBA.