Wright Excels on the Mat as a Mat


Ashley Logan, Editor-In-Chief

Junior Skyler Wright steps onto the wrestling mat and sizes up his opponent. If he wins this match, the fourth place prize will be his. After a well-fought battle, Wright walks away victorious and becomes the first Miramonte medalist of the California Coast Wrestling Classic since 2008.

Wright began his wrestling career in seventh grade as a member of the Orinda Intermediate School team. “When former member of the Miramonte wrestling team, Alex Jang, came to OIS for the wrestling demonstration, that I now participate in, he slammed me on my head and I said, ‘You know what? I want to do this.’”

Wright left behind his swimming pursuits and, through various camps and teams, was able to tackle his passion for wrestling. “Wrestling is a thrill that you can’t really experience much in life. It has given me a confidence that no other sport could give me,” he said.

Wrestling has proved to be useful for Wright outside of the gym. He has found that through this sport he has become more confident in his abilities and has learned how to work hard. “The work you put into wrestling is what you get out of it,” Wright said. “When I walk in the streets I can feel safe.”

Wrestlers are not only challenged everyday in practice and matches, but they also have to learn how to discipline themselves in what they eat. “It’s important to cut out the flour and sugar in your diet,” Wright said. “If you start from the beginning of the season until the end, you will actually lose a lot of weight and you’ll notice a big jump in your athleticism and in your endurance.”

Wrestling teams are divided into weight classes, and for each of these classes there is one varsity member. Miramonte’s wrestling team consists of 13 members, seven of whom are on varsity. The team often has to forfeit matches due to a lack of members. “Sadly this year we don’t have a full line-up,” Wright said. “We might have some kids for certain weight classes but they’re not as skilled so the coach might put them on JV.”

Wright might continue his wrestling career into college; however, wrestling will not take priority. “To be honest, I’m not completely sure about what I’m going to do,” he said. “I know that at some point I want to establish a plan to get on with life and enjoy the moments I have.”