Mirador Reviews NBA Finals Matchups


USA Today

The Cavs and Warriors prepare for the final chapter in the 2015-16 season. Curry has led the Warriors in one of the greatest single seasons of all time. While James looks to add another ring.

Xavier Clark and Jacob Thomas, Staff Writer

Point guards: Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving

Advantage Curry: Curry has had one of the best single-season performances we have ever seen. Curry has the ability to continuously affect the game because of his supernatural shooting ability and constant movement without the basketball. Curry has been the most consistent player for the Warriors for all season long and it’s unlikely that will change. Although Irving has had a decent playoff run himself Curry just over matches him in every facet of the game.

Shooting guard: Klay Thompson vs JR Smith

Advantage Thompson: After coming off a record setting performance in Game 6 of the Oklahoma City series, Thompson is surging with confidence. He hit a record 11 threes in a playoff game to set the record. Thompson most importantly, has really stepped up when needed to. Whether it was being without Curry for two series or coming up clutch in big moments for the Warriors. This series Klay Thompson has a chance to expose JR Smith’s lackluster defense.

Small Forward: Harrison Barnes vs LeBron James

Advantage James: LeBron is patiently awaiting for his Cavalier teammates to take the next step. It is important that everyone knows that James is getting older, and even with all the talent he has, he needs help. James is always ready to gives his team his best whether it’s rebounding, scoring, or dishing out assists. LeBron is the face of this franchise and will need to bring everything if he wants to have a decent shot at the Warriors. If his teammates don’t step up look for him to attempt to single handedly try to take over this series.


Power Forward: Draymond Green vs Kevin Love:

Advantage Green: Look for Draymond Green’s breakout season to continue this series. A good series for him would be a cherry on top for his heroic season. His versatility will have a great impact this series in the pick and roll defense. His quick feet and tenacious on ball defense will allow the Warriors to switch pick and rolls. On the offensive end he has a chance to expose Kevin Love’s soft defense. Kevin Love will have trouble guarding Green because Green is quicker and stronger than Love. Green as well can push the ball in transition acting as a point forward getting his teammates easy buckets. The Cavs don’t have the length like the Thunder did when guarding Green. In games 3 and 4 they frustrated him but I don’t see Kevin Love doing that.

Center Andrew Bogut vs Tristan Thompson

Advantage Thompson: Both of these big bodies are in the game for two reasons, rebounding and defense. Thompson has the advantage because he is a little more quick and mobile. Thomsen is a beast on the offensive glass but Bogut can keep him off when needed. Neither have great offensive skill sets but will get 6-10 points through putbacks and lobs.  Thomsen will play more minutes than Bogut due to his young age. The Warriors like to manage Boguts minutes he rarely plays under 25 minutes a game.

Sixth Man:

Andre Iguodala vs Iman Shumpert:

Advantage Iguodala: The two players resemble each other as well. They both are good on ball defenders and can occasionally knock the three ball down. Iguodala has the advantage because he is an elite defender in this league. Although Shumpert is a good defender he is not in Iguodala’s ball park. Iguodala will likely will guard James this series as he did last year. His great defense on James and good shooting last year earned him a finals MVP.