Powder Puff Ramps up with Aggressive Play

The Senior Powder Puff team poses after a hard fought win over the juniors.

T Tague

The Senior Powder Puff team poses after a hard fought win over the juniors.

Xavier Clark and Robin Vanderlaan, Staff Writer

Powder Puff football at Miramonte is a yearly tradition during homecoming week that allows friendly competition between classes. However, this year’s play intensified tremendously with the opening round game between the sophomores and seniors presenting questionable physicality on both sides. Referee Vince Dell’aquila thought the physicality was too much. “The semi-final game got a little chippy and players got a little too aggressive,” said Dell’Aquila.

Even when plays were blown dead by Dell’Aquila, some players continued to play overly aggressive. “Whenever the players take the field, the most important thing is safety, and I was very nervous for player safety during this game,” said senior coach Casey McGonigle. In some cases play escalated to scratching, pulling of the hair, and choking. The aggressive play was such a concern to referee Vince Dell’Aquila that he had to eject two senior players from the game.

In the championship game between the juniors and seniors overly aggressive play toned down. On both sides coaches emphasized player safety and sportsmanship. “I was happy with the coaches who made it clear that player safety is number one priority,”  Dell’Aquila said. On one specific play a junior defender accidently knocked down a senior ball carrier. However, the junior showed great sportsmanship helping the senior up and clearly exclaimed that it was accidental.

In the future, Dell’aquila and his coaches plan to highlight player safety to the girls before they take the field. It is vital to enforce player protection in order to  continue the tradition of powder puff football at Miramonte high.