Mats Fall to Campolindo in a Disappointing Offensive Performence


Mats Stampede/twitter

Miramonte’s Sixth Man t-shirts that were worn at the game.

Xavier Clark, Staff Writer

As the final buzzer went off, the disappointing looks on the Matadors faces summed up their night. The Matadors’ lackluster offensive performance led to a 47-31 defeat to crosstown rival Campolindo.

The Matadors mixed it up from their traditional man defense, coming out the game in a 1-3-1 zone. However, the Cougars countered the zone by hitting multiple first quarter threes late in the shot clock. There was no question that the Matadors held up on the defensive side of the floor holding the Cougars to just 47 points. In the second half they put on a full court press to disrupt the Cougars guards, but they handled it as they furthered Campolindo’s lead.

On offense it just wasn’t the Matadors night, as they shot under 30 percent from the field. Miramonte’s star center Charlie Hocking returned from an ankle injury  this game and it was evident he wasn’t at 100 percent. Coach Hunter limited his minutes, forcing the Matadors to turn into a 5 guard lineup, limiting their inside presence. Junior Ethan Fischler led the team in scoring and consistently attacked the basket all night.

This Friday the Matadors will take on the 10-6 Acalanes Dons. Both teams have lost their first league game but hold good records.