Miramonte Triumphs Against Mt. Diablo


Cassidy Haskell, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 20th at Miramonte, the Miramonte varsity men’s team and Mt. Diablo High School’s gave it their all on the soccer field. The game was ninety minutes of excitement and nonstop action. Not a single player felt unsatisfied with their efforts despite the fact that Mt. Diablo is a less challenging team to play against in the league.

The game began with an impressive shot from captain, Ben Hodder (‘17) that made its way to the back of the goal and put Miramonte in a good position. In the second half, Ross Gruen (‘18) and Conor Roemer (‘19) each scored, putting Miramonte ahead and ultimately resulting in a victory. Mt. Diablo wasn’t ready to be defeated without a fight though and managed to score two goals during the game.

This game was important for Miramonte because winning league games is critical in advancing to the playoffs. As of now, the Miramonte men’s varsity team has eight wins, five losses, and two ties. These promising results make the team and coaches confident that they will have a strong rest of the season.