Miramonte Freshman Basketball Team Completes Undefeated Season

Thomas Marriner, Staff Writer

The Miramonte freshman basketball team finished their season without recording a single loss.

The team amassed a 26-0 record, winning with an average score of 60-36.

Center Trevor Sidlauskas ‘20 realized midway through the season that the team had a legitimate chance to complete an undefeated season. “When we beat all of the teams in our league—that’s when we knew we could beat every single team,” Sidlauskas said.

Coach Teresa Juergens had a very similar thought. “After we played everyone in league once—because we play everyone in league twice,” Juergens said. “After we beat Northgate significantly at their place, beat Campo by thirty, and beat Las Lomas by about the same, I realized that if all goes well, and if they decided to play hard and stay focused, that we would go undefeated. I also knew that it was up to them. No one was going to beat them.”

Point Guard Tanner Zwahlen ‘20 revealed that the team received a burst of confidence after defeating the Miramonte JV basketball team in a scrimmage. “We were leading since the first quarter,” Zwahlen said. “I don’t think they led one time in the game.”

Perhaps the largest threat to the undefeated season was a two-game stretch during which the team won in overtime and in regulation by one point. Zwahlen believed in his team: “I never had doubts,” Zwahlen said. “I knew that we were just going to make it and win.” Juergens had no doubts about the one-point victory over Tamalpais, but that was not the case during the overtime victory over Piedmont Hills. “When it got down to the last minute and we were down by three, some doubts were going through my mind,” Juergens said. “But then once Quenton [Breznikar ‘20] hit that three and we tied it up to go into overtime, I completely believed that we were going to pull it out. They were really focused in overtime.”

Juergens stated that the tryout process was unlike any other year in one respect. “We had 28 kids trying out,” Juergens said. “In years past, I think the most we’ve had is 22. There were a lot of good players. It was difficult to make the final five cuts. But did I know that we would be this good during tryouts? No, I did not.”

Juergens also believes that the team’s camaraderie contributed to its success. “When you really like people that you’re with, you do more for them,” Juergens said. “It makes you be more unselfish. They just fought harder for their friends than they would’ve on their own.”