The Mirador Reviews the Effects of the Kevin Durant Injury


Erza Shaw/Getty Images

The Warriors must prove themselves after star player Kevin Durant goes down with a leg injury.

Xavier Clark and Robin Van Der Laan, Staff Writer


Positives: Durant’s injury can be the catalyst that pushes the Warriors over the hump this year. All year the Warriors have been leaning on Durant and he has produced. However, guys like Steph Curry and Draymond Green have totally regressed from last year. Offensively, Draymond PPG, field goal percentage and assist have all dropped. On the other hand, Steph Curry has seemed to lost some of his mojo. Although he is still a superstar in the league, he has dropped off from his back to back MVP seasons. Both of these players must perform in order for the Warriors to win a championship and dethrone the Cavs. With Durant being out for an extended period of time it will help both of these players confidence. In addition, the injury came at a relatively good time for the Warriors. Durant should be healthy before their playoff push, unlike last year’s injury to Steph Curry that happened in the playoffs and hindered the Warriors.       


Negatives: The injury of Kevin Durant is obviously a big loss for the Warriors. Not only are they losing a proficient scorer but it disrupts the flow of their offense. The Warriors have played over 50 games together and now they have to play a whole month without one of their star players. Golden State are definitely going to see some struggle early on. However,  Golden State has the group of guys that will persevere and start to figure out how to play without Durant; how many losses is that gonna take before they figure it out? We may not know. The Spurs are closing into the number one seed and right now the Warriors can’t afford to lose many more games. In addition, Durant will most likely be much for fragile for the remainder of the season even after he recovers.  Let’s not forget this is not his first injury. He was injured in Oklahoma City for an extended period of time with an apparent knee injury. The Warriors definitely  have to question how this will affect Durant as a player.