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Brian Friel

Hannah Tennant

Managing Editor
Eric Hass

Online Editors
James Boudreau

Alex Seclow

Business Manager
Kelsey Williams

News Editors
Caroline Cook

Katrina Kovalik

Opinion Editor
Michael Roe

Feature Editor
Marina Allen

Sports Editor
Aleck Ryner

Entertainment Editor
Dani Vignos

Head Photographer
Lauren Stewart

Staff Writers
Evelyn Alper

David Beal

Zakk Bluford

Sophia Bollag

Georgia Briskey

Jessica Coleman

John Coupin

Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth

Sara Duplancic

Mary Kate Engstrom

Megan Freeman

Grace Hilty

Tennyson May

Tamar McCollom

Jordan Nevares

Madeleine Neuburger

Rachel Oczkus

Annie Odell

Trevor Rechnitz

Mollie Swan

Brian Tan

Conor Volpe

Meredith White

Faculty Adviser
Melissa Quiter

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