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Maximilian Kreutzelman
Maximilian Kreutzelman, seasoned jello connoisseur, is a second year currency manager with a vexatious talent for noise pollution. Some of Maxim’s most treasured pastimes include chillin’ poolside in his tiniest speedo, insta stalking his not-so-secret crush, Sofia Ruiz, and listening to his favorite banger, “I Love my Mama” By Snoop Dogg. When asked his favorite part of being on staff, Kreutz will refer to his best friend, Kendall Roberts, to whom he dedicates all his successes. “Saying she’s the best, most intellectually advanced person I have ever met would be an understatement,” he said. When in search of this ‘gentle’ giant, you can find him dragging his 10000 pound cooler around campus and texting his mom on the DL under his desk. Call Max at 1-800-Polo-Boyz or

Max Kreutzelman, Business Manager

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