Miramonte Appoints New ASB Officers


Rachael Oczkus

Next year’s ASB President, Scotty Huhn, and ASB Vice President, Brianna Bierbaum, along with fellow ASB officers Carlyn Wright and Micah Solit are preparing for the upcoming year as leaders of Miramonte’s student body.

The officers plan to work for and with the students in order to accomplish the goals of Miramonte’s student body. Not only are they responsible for overseeing the student body as a whole, but also they will work with the leadership class and each class’ elected officers to make sure each job is correctly executed.

“We want to try and make students aware of serious issues. We hope to conquer diversity, discrimination, and create a positive atmosphere,” said Huhn. The team dedicates themselves to making the student body happy. “We are open to new ideas,” said Bierbaum.

The ASB officers, with the help of next years’ class presidents, Belinda Yan, Neema Shoraka, Nick Coufal, and Sean McFeely, as well as other members of the leadership class, are looking forward to working harmoniously to make the upcoming year unbeatable in terms of school unity and spirit.
“I am very excited to be next year’s Senior Class President,” said Yan. “One thing I would really like to do is hear what the students have to say, so I’m going to make some sort of anonyous submission for thoughts and ideas.”

The leadership class is brainstorming upcoming activities for the New Year. The homecoming theme and plans for the rallies, led by rally leaders Emily Davis and Hank Kaplan, are already in the making.
“I want to go back to how the rallies were our freshmen year, where they had a cool movie, but also had a fantastic live presence and performance,” said Davis.  “I’ve wanted to be a rally leader since the first rally I ever saw. Hank and I are really excited to be the face of spirit at our school.”

Also, the class hopes to bring back the famous Miramonte food days where different restaurants feed hungry students on the quad. In the past, Loard’s Ice Cream, Top Dog, ROC (Republic of Cake), and other Lamorinda favorites provided a smorgasbord of foods at extended lunches for starved students.
The leadership class always tries to bring back more dances during the second half of the year. For the past two years, the school has put on only two all-school dances.This year, the leadership class and administration surprised the student body with an extra dance.  But due to lack of enthusiasm and poor turnout, school-wide dances are likely to become even scarcer.

“It is hard to do things for the students if they don’t come,” said Bierbaum, “We want to make it so they want to come.”