How to Survive Finals

How to Survive Finals

Cameron White, Staff Writer

It’s the third week in January, and Finals are just around the corner. Some students may be stressed out already, while others are just excited about the short days next week. Here are five quick tips for surviving your final exams this semester.

● Don’t spend too much time away from your books:
While finals week does come with shorter school days and extra time off, you should still spend as much time as you can studying. The temptation to go out during your time off will probably be great, but just remember how satisfying it will be to finish all of your finals knowing that you did well.

● Don’t wait till the last minute!:
You may be preparing for more than one difficult final, but make sure that you allot plenty of time for each final, and start studying as far in advance as possible. A 2007 study by the University of South Florida suggests that cramming before tests only helps you retain a small amount of information. So if you’re thinking of studying the night before, think again.

● Get as much sleep as possible:
Studies show that getting a good eight hours of sleep each night can actually help you perform better on your exams. Not getting enough sleep can hinder your test taking abilities, and make you loose concentration easily. So try not to stay up late studying, because it could end up attributing to you doing poorly.

● Learn what study techniques work best for you:
Everyone learns in different ways. Some people learn best from hands-on experience, while others can learn from simply reading a book. So if you don’t already know how you learn, try as many techniques as possible, and see what you find the most useful. Knowing how you learn cannot only help you with your finals, but it can also help you for all of your tests in the future.

● Do the review that your teachers assign:
Most teachers assign review assignments the week before they give their finals. Usually this is the best way to gauge how you’re going to do on your finals, and these assignments can help you know what you have forgotten. Also, some of what you see in your review might even be put on the test, so take a good look!