Big Bromances Hit the Small Screen

Big Bromances Hit the Small Screen

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

Bromances. They are defined as a friendship between two men that is extremely close. Guys seem to to be downright confused by the close relationships that girls have, but for some strange reason, the male population strongly desires to be included in some good old fashioned male bonding.

Bromances on television seem to be much closer than those of the students at Miramonte. Troy and Abed (of Community) have a friendship complete with a handshake and their own “dreamatorium.” This is a room they use solely for their imagination and amazing trips to take together. No one understands either one more than each other, especially with Abed’s excessive movies and TV references.

One of the closest friendships seen on TV would be that of Turk and JD. These two characters are shown in Scrubs and held their relationship together for an entire eight seasons. Turk and JD do not share as strong of understanding for each other, but are inseparable and are often referred to as more husband and wife than Turk and Carla (Turk’s actual wife).

Lastly, but perhaps most entertaining, would be the bromance in Psych between Shawn and Gus. These two characters grew up together and have been close since childhood. Shawn pressures Gus into many terrifying situations, all the while truly caring for him. Their relationship mostly seems like a barrel of fun and games, but there are great tender moments between the two when life and death comes into play. No one appears to have more love for each other than Shawn and Gus.

Although the bromances of Miramonte may seem small compared to those above, they are just as present. No pointing any fingers to a certain group of tall blonde sophomores, any soccer players, and especially not to many of the water polo players.

So hang in there, all those without a bromance. Your time will come soon. And hopefully you can rise to the great level of Shawn and Gus.