See You Soon, Summer

Reese Levine, Editor In Chief

Summer is fast approaching, which means that I am entering my final month as a junior. “The hardest year of your life,” they call it. Though I’m not one to judge the accuracy of this statement, I can say I’m looking forward to being a senior.

I imagine that senior year comes with many perks: colleges lining up at your door, sympathetic and easy teachers, no more homework, free pancake breakfasts, and lots of sleeping in. Anyone who thinks he or she knows more than me and disagrees—just be quiet.

Of course, I know the best part of being a senior will be having the respect of the rest of the student body. Sure, I was at the top of the school age hierarchy in fifth and eighth grade, but that was always temporary, and I would return to my lowly status the next year. This, however, is the real deal.

In fact, it’s such a big deal that I’m already done being a junior. Now that my last AP test is over, summer is just a few weeks of watching movies and enjoying sunshine away. My teachers may still pretend to care and still give some homework, but they don’t honestly expect I’ll do it, right?

I know this may sound a lot like senioritis, but as Kelsi explained in her last column, it’s quite different. I’m just longing to be a senior. College applications still have to be sent, and my SAT subject tests are unsettlingly close. I’ll still work and study for those things, but regular, everyday school is just not as important anymore.

But I’m getting off track. Juniors and lowerclassmen alike must realize that I, when I am a senior, will be much wiser than them in all facets of life. As such, any questions regarding life should be brought to any of my fellow seniors or me*.

When I was a freshman and sophomore, I made sure to take notes on how the seniors acted so I too would know how to act when I got there. It was only this past year that I realized how much cooler the Class of 2013 is than the Class of 2012, and got bored listening to seniors stressing out over college in the fall and watching them fall asleep mid-conversation in the spring. I’m sure I’ll be much cooler next year.

One other thing I’m really looking forward to is our senior class prank. So far this year I haven’t seen a class prank from the current seniors, and time is running out. Hopefully though, next year’s prank will return Miramonte to the glories of old.

For example, we could one-up the Class of 2011 by pitching tents and having a sleepover on TOP of the gym**. Or, we could take every car from the teachers’ lot and stack them on top of each other to create a giant skyscraper. That one’s still in the development stage.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some engineers to consult about my next class prank plan.

*Restrictions may apply. I may also laugh in your face or simply fall asleep while you talk.

**I just hope no one is a sleepwalker.