Let It Out

Let It Out

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

High school is a “trying time” full of schoolwork and over dramatic teenagers. And you can’t forget about the perpetual desire to be perfect or the winner. Sometimes you just need to Let it Out. Time to ditch that awkward stage and search for the boy or girl that will just “totally make life sooo much better.” Turn off your dubstep, techno, rap, T-swizzle, and hipster angst music and turn on Dizzy Balloon’s Let It Out. Next step: embrace it.

It often happens that – once in high school, people forget how much fun they had as a child. There is no need for partying or sulking in your room, all you need to do is revert back to your five-year-old self. Back to simpler times when a song or playing in the sprinklers erased all your thoughts and left you with contentment.

When life gives you lemons… realize you’re never too old to have lemonade, but it’s way more fun to watch them ricochet off your elementary school wall ball court. Now, although, stress relief is necessary. It needs to be safe, so make sure you aim at the wall and not at your peers.

If that’s not fun for you, refer back to the song; take it literally,  and “scream and shout.” Corny, I realize, but still extremely effective. Sometimes a childish yell is all it takes to feel better.

Or you can always run or swim. Not for time or fitness – just because. It’s best late at night when you practically can’t even see where you are going and it’s a fact that everything is more fun at night. The sky is illuminated with stars and your life is absent of stress so take this to your advantage. The night tends to bring you back to your young and innocent dreams. Embrace the night and discover your own way to Let It Out.

And if nothing works, go to an amusement park or turn on some J. Beibs for a good laugh.